Audio guide

This audio guide will take you through the streets of Hondarribia. It will explain its history and different interest points as if you were accompanied by a real live guide. The main part of the excursion is a long walk through the old quarter and another shorter walk through the fisherman neighbourhood, but you can also listen to other extra tracks.

The full excursion plan is the following:

Excursion Plan to Hondarribia
BEFORE THE TRIP Introduction 39 min. You can listen to this track in the car or before the trip. If you have not been able to, go directly to track nº 2.
MAIN PART OF THE EXCURSION Historic quarter 1h. 20 min. Walk through the walled enclosure: the castle, the church, the main streets and palaces. It is the main track of the excursion.
Historic quarter

Short Version

50 min. Select this summarised version if you have not got much time available.
La Marina 17 min. Walk through the fisherman neighbourhood. This can be done in 6 minutes.

of S.Telmo

6 min. Explains the castle and the port. If you go there you can look out over the cliffs.
Txingudi Bay 10 min. This place is worth visiting if only for the magnificent views. This track explains the mouth of the river, the beaches, etc.

If you wish, you can download the audio guide from here.