About the hotel

Our hotel opened in August 1958.At that time the owners were Mr. Vittorio Bracone and Yepes Cazaus and its name alluded the patroness of our maritime city. The Hotel was called “Residencia Guadalupe”. The Hotel had only 35 rooms and a restaurant, in 3 heights, serving British customers on their journey to southern Spain, who enjoyed the flamenco festivals organized in the Hotel meeting rooms. The hotel opened only on Easter and summertime and even then it was highly valued for its swimming pool.

This tranquillity was cut short on September 13, 1988, when the hotel burned in a fire. After its sale, it was reopened on 20 July 1991 with 37 rooms, 3 meeting rooms and a cafe / restaurant.

In 2001, we took a great leap, renewing our facilities, expanding to 42 rooms, separating the restaurant from the cafe and creating a meeting room in a fully glazed annex. It remains the only hotel in the region with a pool and it is highly demanded during summertime.

6 years later, in an effort to improve our quality, we reached our 4th star. In 2008, we partnered with distinguished chef Bixente Muñoz, from the Gran Sol bar, to create the Sugarri restaurant in a qualitative leap for our cuisine.

We are currently working in preserving this level, which is part of a process of continuous improvement that we embrace wholeheartedly. And what they say, we are accomplishing it.